What is ShopFest Utah?

At its core, ShopFest Utah is a small business street fair, bringing together over 250 small businesses for a one-day ultimate shopping event that attracts several thousand visitors every year. Business owners from over 35 cities around the state converge to create an enormous market with an incredible diversity of products and services.

The event grew out of a need to provide a much better way for small businesses to be seen in their local communities. Every part of the event is designed to
help small businesses increase success at the event. Visitors will not find non-profit, religious, political, cultural, or community-service types of vendors. ShopFest Utah is designed specifically for small businesses. ShopFest Utah has grown considerably over the past few years, thanks to great partners and sponsors who have helped us do more each year.

This year, ShopFest Utah will be integrating a Children’s Entrepreneur Market. This addition, on top of the existing partnership with the Eagle Mountain Farmer’s Market, will add up to another 100 vendors, bringing the total vendors for ShopFest Utah this year up to 350. Eagle Mountain City and the Eagle Mountain Chamber of Commerce are significantly ramping up marketing efforts this year to increase the number of shoppers further, but we need your help to make it happen.

How can partnering with ShopFest Utah benefit my Business?

Incredible sponsors and partners have been essential to the success of ShopFest Utah. Although the focus of the event is on small business growth, we know that the growth of your business and its reputation is also very important. Eagle Mountain City and the Eagle Mountain Chamber of Commerce have worked hard to provide a variety of ways that your business can benefit by sponsoring the ShopFest Utah event. In general, there are two major ways that your business can benefit from ShopFest Utah. The scale of the event brings in thousands of visitors for this one-day event, and the focus of the event gives your business great exposure to a large crowd in a positive setting. Most shoppers will spend over an hour shopping, spend additional time eating food from the participating food trucks, and also potentially spend time at the adjacent all-abilities playground in the large regional Cory Wride Memorial Park.

If your business also serves other businesses, we are able to help connect
you to over 250 businesses, whether through digital or physical means. We ensure that not only is your business credited and seen on-site, but that you have opportunities to develop leads before and after the event with participating small businesses.

ShopFest sponsorships are filled for 2023 event. Stay tuned for 2024!



350+Small Businesses

Help Us Help You

We understand that not all businesses benefit from these types of events the same. Nor do all businesses have the same giving or community service models. Consequently, we provide both the opportunity to select a specific sponsorship type, and the invitation to reach out to us to discuss ways we can tailor a sponsorship specifically for you.

ShopFest Utah is organized in a way that requires very little overhead. Over 90% of
sponsorship funds will go towards advertising and marketing the event to attract as many shoppers as possible to the benefit of both the small businesses and sponsors. ShopFest Utah is actively working on ways to reach new demographics.

Please note that all payments will be made to Eagle Mountain Chamber of Commerce.

ShopFest sponsorships are filled for 2023 event. Stay tuned for 2024!

Please email info@shopfestutah.com for any more information.