What is ShopFest Utah?

At its essence, ShopFest Utah serves as a bustling street fair dedicated to promoting small businesses. It annually brings together more than 250 small enterprises for a single-day shopping extravaganza that draws in thousands of visitors. Entrepreneurs hailing from over 35 cities across the state converge to create a vast marketplace offering a wide array of products and services.

This event was born out of the necessity to offer small businesses better visibility within their local communities. Every aspect of ShopFest Utah is carefully crafted to support the success of these small enterprises. Visitors can expect to encounter a diverse range of vendors, including non-profit, religious, political, cultural, and community-service-oriented businesses. ShopFest Utah is custom-tailored for the needs of small businesses and has experienced significant growth in recent years, thanks to valuable partnerships and generous sponsors who have enabled us to expand our offerings year after year.

In the upcoming year of ShopFest Utah, we’re excited to include a Children’s Entrepreneur Market. This addition, in conjunction with our existing partnership with the Eagle Mountain Farmer’s Market, will bring the total number of vendors to an impressive 350. Eagle Mountain City and the Eagle Mountain Chamber of Commerce are ramping up their marketing efforts to attract even more shoppers this year, and we’re seeking your support to make it a reality.

How can partnering with ShopFest Utah benefit my Business?

Incredible sponsors and partners have played a pivotal role in the tremendous success of ShopFest Utah. While the primary focus of the event revolves around fostering the growth of small businesses, we understand the importance of boosting your business’s growth and reputation as well. Eagle Mountain City and the Eagle Mountain Chamber of Commerce have diligently created multiple avenues for your business to benefit from sponsoring ShopFest Utah.

In essence, there are two primary ways your business can reap the rewards of ShopFest Utah. The event’s sheer scale attracts thousands of visitors for this single-day extravaganza, providing your business with significant exposure to a large and enthusiastic crowd in a positive and vibrant setting. Most shoppers spend well over an hour exploring the offerings, indulge in delicious fare from the participating food trucks, and may even extend their visit to the adjacent all-abilities playground within the expansive Cory Wride Memorial Park.

If your business also caters to other businesses, we have the means to facilitate connections with over 250 businesses, both digitally and physically. Our commitment ensures that not only is your business prominently credited and visible on-site, but also that you have ample opportunities to cultivate leads both before and after the event by engaging with participating small businesses.

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We recognize that not all businesses can equally benefit from such events, and each business may have its unique approach to giving back to the community. Therefore, we offer the flexibility to choose from various sponsorship types or reach out to us for a customized sponsorship package tailored to your specific needs.

ShopFest Utah is designed with minimal overhead costs, ensuring that over 90% of your sponsorship funds are directed towards advertising and marketing efforts aimed at attracting a diverse and extensive shopper audience. We are committed to exploring new strategies to reach a broader range of demographics.

Please be aware that all payments should be directed to the Eagle Mountain Chamber of Commerce.

ShopFest Sponsorships are Open for 2024

Please email info@shopfestutah.com for any more information.