ShopFest Utah grew out of a need to better support local small businesses. Eagle Mountain City has a large number of home-based businesses. Some of these home businesses have grown over the years into much larger operations. But recognizing that Eagle Mountain City has some particular disadvantages due to being further away from the I-15 corridor or other transportation connections, the City knew it needed to do more to support small businesses. Early in Eagle Mountain City’s existence, a Street Fair was started that grew moderately over time. In 2016, the Eagle Mountain Street Fair was reorganized to be specifically focused on supporting small businesses, and was given more priority for growth. That year we saw 100 small businesses come together to give Eagle Mountain a chance. The turnout was fantastic, and ever since, the event has continued to grow. In 2019, the Eagle Mountain Street Fair outgrew its former location of Peregrine Rd. With no reasonable streets available and the desire to turn the event into a state-wide attraction, the event was moved to Cory Wride Memorial Park and rebranded to ShopFest Utah. Today, ShopFest Utah is now managed by the Eagle Mountain Chamber of Commerce, hosts over 250 small businesses from over 30 cities around the State, partners with the Eagle Mountain Farmer’s Market, Eagle Mountain Arts Alliance, and the Children’s Entrepreneur Market, and is the premier small business shopping event in Utah.