ShopFest Utah emerged from the necessity to provide stronger support for local small businesses, a cause we hold close to our hearts. Eagle Mountain City boasts a substantial number of home-based businesses, and over time, some of these have blossomed into thriving enterprises. However, given the unique challenges posed by Eagle Mountain City’s distance from major transportation corridors like the I-15, we recognized the need to enhance our support for small businesses.

The journey began during the early days of Eagle Mountain City when a Street Fair was initiated. This modest event steadily evolved over time. In 2016, we took a significant step by reimagining the Eagle Mountain Street Fair with a specific emphasis on bolstering small businesses, making it a top priority for growth. That year, we witnessed the collective efforts of 100 small businesses coming together to offer Eagle Mountain an opportunity to flourish. The response was overwhelming, and since then, our event has continued to flourish.

By 2019, the Eagle Mountain Street Fair had outgrown its previous location on Peregrine Rd. Faced with limited options on available streets and an aspiration to transform the event into a statewide attraction, we relocated to the expansive Cory Wride Memorial Park and rebranded it as ShopFest Utah.

Today, ShopFest Utah is under the management of the Eagle Mountain Chamber of Commerce, boasting the participation of over 250 small businesses hailing from more than 30 cities across the state. We’ve forged partnerships with the Eagle Mountain Farmer’s Market, Eagle Mountain Arts Alliance, and the Children’s Entrepreneur Market, solidifying our position as Utah’s foremost small business shopping event.