Internet Provider Form

This year for ShopFest, we would like to offer wifi for our attendees and vendors. Our requirements for this are as follows:

  • 3 separate SSIDs with segregated VLANs, services (DNS, DHCP, etc) and broadcast domains. This does not have to be on separate equipment.
  • Segregated bandwidth per SSID: 1 public SSID at 10Gb, 1 paid SSID at 10Gb, and one SSID for vendors at 5Gb
  • Able to support 5,000 sustained concurrent connected devices at any given time
  • You can provide live on-call technical support during the entirety of every day of the event – either yourself or an employee
  • You can identify sites using excessive bandwidth and block them or limit bandwidth on them as needed

If you can guarantee that you are able to meet these requirements, and would like to discuss further details, please fill out this form. Someone will be in contact with you.